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Why hire a videographer? 

I have heard multiple people say one of their biggest regrets of their elopement/wedding day was not hiring a videographer.
There's multiple reasons why you should hire one!

People who are not at your elopement/wedding can experience your day in a better way than just from still pictures and it can make them feel like they were really there. Same goes for you as the couple for when you want to relive that day, you can watch a more live action version rather than just photos.

Your vows can be recorded and put in the video to be re-watched over and over again! Most of the time, your vows aren't going to be recorded by anyone..especially with elopements. This adds such an intimate touch to your memories of the day.


Colorado Elopement Video Previews
Lake Tahoe Elopement Video
Lake Tahoe Elopement Video Previews
B & J Wedding Day Preview
Dawson Wedding Video
Ashley + Cody Wedding Video
Becca + Jered Wedding Video
Paige + TJ Wedding Video
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