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7 Perks of Eloping

The elopement industry is booming right now more than ever. It's becoming more and more common to run off with your partner and get married with just the two of you, or with your closest friends and family. I did the same thing! My husband and I just had a small ceremony with just the two of us, our officiant, and our photographer. The traditions of "normal" traditional weddings just didn't speak to us. We wanted to do something different and something that wasn't completely the norm.

I truly believe that your wedding day should be how you want it and not what other people or society wants. If a big wedding is what really attracts you, then go for it! If an elopement is what you really want, but you're scared of what others may think, I would just do what you think feels right and what would make you most happy. You don't want to look back on your wedding day and regret anything.

I have talked to multiple people who have said they wish they would have just eloped instead of having a traditional wedding. Whether it be because of all of the stress that went into their wedding, family drama, bridesmaid drama, scheduling stress, money stress, the list goes on and on...

So, why elope? Here are a few perks of eloping that may resonate with you!

1 . You can focus on the day just being about the two of you

Are you a couple who enjoys spending time with each other alone and feel happier in that kind of environment more so than together in a crowded area? With elopements, you get to spend more quality time together. With traditional weddings, couples are being pulled in a million different directions by everyone. They barely get to spend real high quality time together during their day. It's just one big whirlwind blur. When eloping, you get to spend the whole day creating awesome memories together doing literally whatever you want wherever you want. You have time to take in the scenery and take in the memories you are making together, and really stop and appreciate everything in the moment.

2. No added stress of planning a huge wedding

Of course there can be stress with planning anything...even elopements. It's usually not anywhere near as stressful as a big traditional wedding. Everything is WAY more flexible when you elope. There is no audience waiting on you if you're running behind, not as much stress if there's rain in the forecast and have to rush around to move everyone inside, you can fit multiple activities in your day instead of just staying at one place all day, and all kinds of things! I have seen brides be a little nervous before they get married on their elopement day, but nothing compared to the nerves and stress of the brides who have traditional weddings. I have seen so many brides shaking with nerves and being stressed to the MAX about one thing after another in the days leading up to their wedding all the way up to the day of their wedding. Everyone seems to be stressed! The bride, the mother of the bride, the maid of honor, the planner, the friends, the grandmas, the aunts, everyone! I personally did not want to deal with any of that on my wedding day, which is one of the reasons I decided to elope.

3. Costs less most of the time

Typically elopements will cost less than traditional weddings. You don't need to worry about a venue, catering for a huge group of people, alcohol for everyone, or wedding favors for guests to have. You just need to have a photographer/videographer to capture your day, officiant (unless your in a state where you can self solemnize), and whatever other activities you want to do!

4. You get to choose your own adventure

You can literally do whatever you want! You can have a customized timeline of your day doing what you love and incorporating things you love to do together. A lot of times, this is more meaningful and memorable. Imagine getting married right on the beach, or hike up to spot that has beautiful scenery once you get to the top, or right next to a lake with mountains in the background, or on the red rocks of Arizona. The opportunities are endless!

P.S: I LOVE to help with planning and picking out locations with my clients!

5. You don't have to worry about any family or friend drama

Now maybe you had to deal with a little pushback from some people who were disappointed that they couldn't see you get married, but when it comes to the day you get married, all you have to focus on is each other and just enjoy the day together in a stress free and drama free environment.

6. Great for introverts who don't want an audience

This was a big reason why my husband and I preferred to elope. We are both pretty reserved people and like to be alone. We both don't like the attention being put on us. The thought alone of getting married in front of so many people is such an uncomfortable feeling for us. I think marriage is such an intimate thing and neither one of us is very comfortable being intimate around others (I didn't even post or print out our first kiss picture from our elopement. Ha!)

7. Ceremony and honeymoon all in one

You don't have to spend money on your traditional wedding AND have to put aside money for your honeymoon too. You can plan your honeymoon right along with your elopement since you probably will be traveling for your elopement anyways!

As someone who has eloped myself and is passionate about traveling, I can relate to the couples who are wanting an adventure elopement in a beautiful spot with just the two of them. I would love to be a resource for you and help with planning along the way! Please reach out to me with any questions about pricing for photography or videography. I look forward to hearing from you!

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